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Exciting Times Ahead! You are looking to buy a home and for most of us, that means getting a mortgage. To help you get started we have compiled a list of things to consider during the home buying process.

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  1. Determine a down payment amount based on your available funds
  2. Decide on a monthly payment amount that fits into your budget
  3. Start gathering important income and asset documents
  4. Get a pre-approval letter from an Independent Mortgage Professional
  5. Consult with a Real Estate Agent
  6. Shop for your home
  7. Make an offer. Consider asking for seller’s contribution to assist in paying for your closing fees and any remaining taxes for the year


  1. Consider a home inspection
  2. A home appraisal will be completed to determine the value of  the property
  3. Do a final walk-through
  4. Sign final closing documents


  1. Transfer Utilities
  2. Change your address with United States Postal Service
  3. Celebrate

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